When you choose Syncretism Strategies™, you're not just getting a marketing professional; you're partnering with a master of brand transformation.

Derek Milligan will infuse your brand with innovation, captivate your audience, and lead your business to unprecedented success.

CEO & Co-Founder

Derek's extraordinary journey to becoming a branding mastermind is nothing short of remarkable, and he's here to propel your brand to greatness. Derek's illustrious career as a marketing director and brand developer is just the tip of the iceberg. His vast tapestry of experiences has shaped him into a multifaceted powerhouse. From his role as an educator, he's honed the art of effective communication and forging lasting connections.

Derek's background in law enforcement instilled in him the poise and decisiveness needed for high-pressure situations – skills that seamlessly translate into the dynamic world of branding. His military service forged a leader, instilling discipline and adaptability that are vital in today's ever-evolving marketing landscape. But there's an artistic side to Derek that adds an intriguing layer to his expertise. From acting to theater and even a brief stint in a boyband, he's experienced the entertainment world from multiple angles.

These diverse experiences have enriched his creative perspective. Derek is not only an entertainer but also a philanthropist, contributing to youth programs, eco-sustainable initiatives, women's self-defense education, and animal welfare advocacy. These roles reveal his commitment to building stronger communities and making a difference.

From martial arts to music, Derek's diverse skill set uniquely positions him to craft transformative brand narratives. His life's journey exemplifies the power of diversity, and he leverages this power to breathe life into brands.


Martial Arts Master

Not just a business leader, Derek boasts and impressive array of martial arts skills, holding three different black belts, a testament to his discipline, dedication, and versatility.

Guardian of the Stars and Statesmen

From the glitz of celebrity to the gravitas of politics, Derek has an intriguing past as a private security bodyguard, having protected famous personalities including Linkin Park and dignitaries, showcasing his prowess in safety and confidentiality.

Boy Band Sensation

Before stepping into the world of business and strategy, Derek was part of a boy band in his high school years. This musical venture led him to tour and open for renowned artists like Ginuwine, highlighting his early flair for performance and entertainment.


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